Trump Defeats Biden on Inflation and Economy

Trump Defeats Biden on Inflation and Economy

De etablerede danske medier tegner et ensidigt, fordrejet billede af amerikansk politik. Vi har derfor besluttet at bringe mere balance i USA-dækningen ved at videreformidle udvalgte artikler fra medier, der ligger på den højre side af USA’s politiske spektrum.


“President Biden is facing an American public that trusts his top political rival far more on inflation and economic matters, issues that are likely to loom large in voters’ minds at the ballot booth in November.

A poll released last week from the Cook Political Report, conducted with Democratic and Republican strategy firms, showed that likely voters across seven ‘swing states’ overwhelmingly disapprove of the job Biden is doing on the economy.

The poll of likely voters across Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin found that 60 percent disapprove of Biden on the economy, including 45 percent who strongly disapprove. Forty percent approve, with just 19 percent saying they strongly approve”. (Breitbart. Read more here.)

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