Letter from Amsterdam « Snaphanen.dk

Letter from Amsterdam « Snaphanen.dk

The Lights Flicker Off in Europe

Den tidligere venstreliberale Naomi Wolf er i Holland for at præsentere sin nye bog Facing the Beast- Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age i en hollandsk oversættelse. Det går op for en, at demokratiet og ytringsfriheden i denne tid hænger i den tråd, der hedder internettet, og endda kun i den tynde brøkdel af det, der endnu er ucensureret. Tænk hvis vi kun havde You Tube, og ikke de 10-15 andre mere eller mindre frie videokanaler, der nu findes. Ingen uvildig information fra fagfolk ville være sluppet ud om “pandemien” siden sent 2019 andet end måske på tryk. Denne tanke har censorerne selvfølgelig også haft, derfor er den stadig i fare. Her er tre små klip, men læs det hele:

We settled into a lovely hotel in the charming village of Zeist, set in ancient forests about an hour from Amsterdam; and my media tour began. My book Facing the Beast, which is based on my Substack essays here about life in the Dark Era of the present, and which reveals what the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research volunteers uncovered in their 100 reports based on 450,000 documents — that is, the greatest crime against humanity ever committed — was published in a European country for the first time, and it was also the first time I had been in Europe — indeed, outside the United States — since the ‘pandemic.’ […]

They really did try to kill us, to sterilize us, and here is why….

I realized that America — or many Americans — and Europe, or many Europeans — are at different points in Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ famous five stages of grief. The Dutch with whom I shared the information in the Pfizer documents, were struggling with “denial” and moving into “depression”; while I and many others who had heard the reports on WarRoom and elsewhere, had already crossed that Rubicon, and lived sadly in the final stage of “acceptance.” I spent that interview, and later events too, explaining: They really did try to kill us, to sterilize us, and here is why….[..]

When I signed books afterward, I heard even more about what the Dutch are facing. A farmer, looking shell-shocked, explained that the geoengineering is now so bad and his fields are now so wet, that no seeds would grow. The farmers in his area had to artificially dry out their fields. Another reader explained to me that the Dutch see what is happening around them, in terms of the loss of their liberties, but they are afraid. “What are they afraid of?” I asked persistently, as I did not quite understand the situation. There had been pressure to get vaccinated, I had been told, for instance, but there had not been, outside of certain professions, mandates. Finally, some attendees there explained to me that many people were afraid of losing their benefits. […]

Naomi Wolf og partilederen for Forum for Demokrati Thierry Baudet

Letter from Amsterdam. The Lights Flicker Off in Europe

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