‘Ingen liv blev reddet af Covid-vacciner’ « Snaphanen.dk

‘Ingen liv blev reddet af Covid-vacciner’ « Snaphanen.dk

Tværtmimod kostede de 17 millioner, siger videnskabsmænd

‘No Lives Were Saved’ by COVID-19 Vaccines, Scientists Estimate. As the number of deaths clearly increased, upon closer examination, they noticed that the excess deaths coincided with the timing of the #COVID19 vaccine program rollout.

The researchers also found that people who cleared infections quickly the first time also cleared them quickly the second time. Also unvaccinated

Excess death debate – dr. Campbell interviewer Andrew Bridgen

“Mennesker er døde, og du har givet dem en stemme. De bedste mennesker har gjort dette for mindre end ingenting.” Kommentatorer skriver under videoen ting som

Andrew Bridgen is incredible! If he can bring the proposed amendments of the WHO treaty to the fore as well – that is massive. We are with you, Andrew!!

In my opinion these men are considered heroes just for doing the right thing. To think we’re at a place where we are practically begging for own autonomy is terribly frightening.

Andrew Bridgen is the people’s MP and speaks the truth and cares about us and democracy. What a champion he is and shows what level of integrity should be strived for by many in Parliament. Outstanding individual and tomorrow’s excess death debate and Tuesday’s WHO rewrite of the pandemic treaty is of world-wide importance with serious ramifications if not rejected.

Statens Seruminstituts opdaterering over vaccinerede

Antal vaccinerede

Mænd 200.778 | Kvinder 236.772

Vaccinerede i procent
7,3 %


Alt mRNA er farligt

Se og hør

Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Globalistlögnarna ”skapar kriser” för att upprätta en världsregering

Människorna bakom detta vill etablera en världsregering, en ny världsordning, där de bestämmer vad vi äter, när vi äter, vart vi reser, när vi reser, vem vi möter och vad vi får spendera våra pengar på. I princip kontroll över varje enskild aspekt av våra liv.

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